Will Antenna Up

Sharp Willcom D4 Wifi Upgrade

Mike Schropp Mobile 2 Comments

When I purchased my Sharp Willcom D4 I intended to take it everywhere I went. It was, after all, a portable device so it made sense that it would be my new best friend away from home. I thought that having access to a full desktop environment while on the move would be helpful at times, and also give me …

Finished Router 2

Network Upgrades with Air Cooling and Heatsinks

Mike Schropp Network, Projects 19 Comments

With that addition of the server that I built last year I’m finding that I’m using my network at home much more than I had in the past. From streaming movies and music around the house, to transferring files both large and small, I’ve grown to be more used to accessing content from the nearest computer. In addition, I’ve found …

Lit Death Star

Death Star Pumpkin Carving

Mike Schropp Halloween 3 Comments

The true essence of Total Geekdom gets summed up pretty easily right here. The Death Star, in pumpkin form. I decided this year to go a different route with the pumpkin carving and go a little non-traditional. What better choice then the Death Star. It made my geek heart melt when I first saw it somewhere on the internet. I …