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Vintage 486 PC Teardown and Comparo vs. Modern PC

January 31, 2011

I was recently gifted a truly rare gem. A near perfect condition Compaq Presario 4/33 desktop computer from the early 90s. The word gifted might not be appropriate, as the computer was on its way to the garbage, and I quickly offered to take it and make good use of it. As I stared at […]

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A Day on Hoth

January 16, 2011

With all the snow outside it seemed like a perfect time for a Hoth. I rounded up some of General Veers’ finest troops and commandeered one AT-AT and set out on recon mission. We got underway quickly and were on the move looking for any Rebels who might be out on patrols. I’m sure the […]

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Star Wars Lego Wall Mural

January 12, 2011

What has 2200 Lego pieces, hangs on a wall and combines Star Wars and Legos into one piece of decorative geeky fan art? While searching for a cool Star Wars poster I started thinking to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could paint a giant Star Wars mural?!” But unfortunately, I’m not that fine-art […]

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