AT-AT Hoth

A Day on Hoth

Mike Schropp Lego 12 Comments

With all the snow outside it seemed like a perfect time for a Hoth. I rounded up some of General Veers’ finest troops and commandeered one AT-AT and set out on recon mission. We got underway quickly and were on the move looking for any Rebels who might be out on patrols. I’m sure the sight of three armed Snowtroopers …

Wall Shot Straight

Star Wars Lego Wall Mural

Mike Schropp Lego, Projects 2 Comments

What has 2200 Lego pieces, hangs on a wall and combines Star Wars and Legos into one piece of decorative geeky fan art? While searching for a cool Star Wars poster I started thinking to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could paint a giant Star Wars mural?!” But unfortunately, I’m not that fine-art kind of guy. I needed …