Lego Computer

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Lego + Computer = Lego Computer It seems straight forward enough – not a new concept by any means. But more often than not, it’s the most common request I receive: to build a Lego computer. This probably goes back years – to around 2011 – when the Lego computer system I built received a lot of interest. Since then …


Bio Computer

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With every passing project I feel like my basement is being converted from a living only area, to a work and project area. Computers being built, gadgets being taken apart, Lego projects all around. I’m not complaining by any means, but I do feel as my basement becomes populated with more and more tech based projects that the environment is …


Computer Parts Robot

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It’s alive! Well, it’s technically not really alive. Nor is it a robot in the sense that it performs some function or task. He pretty much just hangs out, making awesome robot faces.   The idea to build a robot out of old, obsolete computer parts came at random. While throwing out some trash I stumbled across a pile of …