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Wind Tunnel Computer

Published on January 3, 2013 By Mike Schropp

Often when I’m working a project, I’ll work through a series of ideas before settling on something that fits the bill. I try to write down these ideas and keep them around on the off chance that I could utilize them for a future project. Not long ago, I was working on a different computer […]

Lego Folding Farm

Published on July 14, 2011 By Mike Schropp

Like Tribbles, Legos seem to have an uncanny ability for multiplying in my house at an almost exponential rate. First, you build models, then it’s Star Wars, then it’s your phone, your jewelry. Before things are said and done you’ve got nooks, bins and chests full of them. I’ve been addicted to Legos for longer […]

Vintage 486 PC Teardown and Comparo vs. Modern PC

Published on January 31, 2011 By Mike Schropp

I was recently gifted a truly rare gem. A near perfect condition Compaq Presario 4/33 desktop computer from the early 90s. The word gifted might not be appropriate, as the computer was on its way to the garbage, and I quickly offered to take it and make good use of it. As I stared at […]