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Now that I’ve managed to get a handle on the layout and inner workings of this whole blog thing, the time has come for me to post some content.

First, I needed to figure out where to start, and decide on a manageable number of projects to tackle. I’m going to attempt whole-heartedly to stay afloat, and not bury myself beneath a frillion projects. Some of the projects will be little tweaks and hacks that can be done fairly quickly. Some of the others, though, are full blown, multi-day, benders of projects.

So I’ve decided to start off with two small projects first, followed by one big one. I have my much loved Sharp Willcom D4 (known as Will), that I take around with me as my computer away from home.  To begin with, I have two tweaks in mind for him.

The first mod is for speed and usability.  The quickest and easiest fix with this style of portable PC is a hard drive upgrade. In this case, going from a conventional HDD to an SSD. After much research into SSD types, connector types and real world test results, I decided to go with a Runcore Pro IV. I’ll be going through all the pertinent info and pics of the swap, plus the benchmark tests and results.

Next up, my buddy Will will receive an upgrade in the connectivity department. If there is one thing I really struggle with, it’s the underwhelming the strength of wifi. The plan is an external antenna mod to really boost the signal gain strength. Plus, I will get the bonus benefit of looking uber cool with a giant antenna sticking out of what looks like a big phone. I’m sure chicks will dig it.

For the large scale project, I will soon be in the midst of a buildup of a pretty serious gaming rig for a buddy. Not a budget build, but not stupid money either. Just looking for performance for the dollar. Going to be an overclocked quad core, a set of fast SSDs in a RAID configuration, plus a set of pretty decent video cards in a Crossfire setup. Going to push it as far as it will go on air cooling and see what it can do.

That kind of sums it up for now. Going to attempt to not OCD over every little detail of the blog site layout and try to focus on making some tangible progress.

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