About Geekdom!

Total Geekdom is who and what I am at heart, a geek. Since my early years as a teenager I have always been fascinated with the newest and latest technologies. Computers, audio players, video games, phones, TV’s, gadgets and pretty much anything that spoke binary in one form or another was what my world revolved around.

My addiction is what geekdom is all about. Tinkering, hacking, modding and just plain frakking around with electronics is what I do. I have more projects at various stages going on that I can even think of at one time. While I’m far from a writer by any means I’ll see if I can’t pull off being coherent enough to make this whole thing make sense to other tech addicted geeks out there.

  • http://aveynes.com bndctc

    Great blog! Can’t wait for more posts. (Lego ones were really interesting as well. Perhaps more on that in the future as well?)

  • Anonymous


    There will definitely be more Lego related posts in the future. I’ve got tons of different Lego projects floating around in my head, I just need to find the time to make some progress on them. :)

  • la spirale


    Nous organisons une exposition sur le thème “cybernétik’Art”.

    Seriez-vous éventuellement intéressé ?

    Infos sur Centre des Métiers d’Art La Spirale : http://www.laspirale.be

  • totalgeek


    Yes, I would be interested in participating in your exhibit. If you could email over further information to me at schropp.michael@gmail.com that would be appreciated.