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Total Geekdom is who and what I am at heart, a geek. Since my early years as a teenager I have always been fascinated with the newest and latest technologies. Computers, audio players, video games, phones, TVs, gadgets and pretty much anything that spoke binary in one form or another was what my world revolved around.

My addiction is what Total Geekdom is all about. Tinkering, hacking, modding and just plain frakking around with electronics is what I do. I have more projects at various stages at any one time than I can even think of, but here is where they end up when they’re finished. I started this website as a way to share my projects, but since then I’ve received a lot of great feedback, and the site has begun to evolve.

What originally started as just a place to share my projects has begun to grow into something else, and now I frequently get requests to help, consult, build or design computer and technology related projects. I’m more than happy to simply advise others in their own endeavors, but just as often, customers are requesting that I build and design projects that they had only dreamed about. So I’ve added some sections to the site for the services and things that I most frequently have others request of me – Lego Computers, computer building, and commissions.

Feel free to send me a message if you have a project that you’d like to discuss further. Whether it’s a request for a commission or a computer, or to just discuss awesomely geeky things.

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“This is probably the greatest custom PC build of all time”Ars Technica
“Mike Schropp has taken things to the limit: he’s built a computer that’s cooled by a wind tunnel”Gizmodo
“The Lego Folding Farm is both fundamentally awesome and truly a beautiful sight to behold”Extremetech
“Mike Schropp’s latest creation sure put a smile on our face”Engadget
“Mike Schropp’s LEGO Gaming PC is a mechanical marvel”Kotaku
“He’s created something that isn’t just novel, it’s packing some powerful components”PCGAMER

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